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Computer slow down happens to all PC users, and when it does, it is no fun working. You will have to wait for your computer to finish a single process and thus affecting your efficiency and fluidity of the work. Some people would think that the answer to their computer slow down problem is by buying a completely new set.

While that is a good solution, System Mechanic 12.5 is the greater answer. The minor and even major problems with the performance of computers need not to be very expensive. It only needs software that can identify the problems, fix it and prevents them from being a problem again. You do not need to pay a visit to your computer technician. All you have to do is install the System Mechanic and it will do the job for you

Why should you use System Mechanic 12.5?

Computers today play huge role in the lives of many people. It is used in business, in the academe and even for the simple pleasure. Whatever reason it may be, computers are important and thus they need to be taken care of.

Repair Your PC

Much like a car, the computer needs repair and maintenance every now and then. The System Mechanic is great help in maintaining your unit. If the PC is running slowly, if you have deleted important files from your drive – the System Mechanic software will be able to repair your registry and recover the files that you have lost

Diagnose Computer Problems

The System Mechanic guide also works as a diagnostic tool. It runs down a check – up in your PC to identify problems and solve them, it can also identify possible problems in order to prevent them. It analyzes the programs that you are using and makes a detailed report about it so that you will know what is happening with your computer unit.

This software does not only boast its ability to fix problems, it also helps in making sure that your computer will remain to be fine. It reviews your memory and drive partitions, reviews problems and before they become a reason for your headache, the software deals with it.

Security and Privacy

The internet, the super highway of information, is sadly also the super highway of theft and invasion of privacy. Keeping your personal information is difficult the moment you have typed and logged it into the computer system.

System Mechanic’s Privacy Cleaner makes sure that this would not happen to you. It securely deletes files and log histories to its incinerator which is a shredding technology included in the package. The software ensures that everything you want to be confidential will remain to be confidential.

Assess your PC now and start fixing it with System Mechanic. The software is designed to be user – friendly with features that will surely speed up the processes of your PC. It is simple and it delivers the job it promises the best way possible.

System Mechanic 11 Released

Buy Me for $38.95

Hello Friends! The System Mechanic 11 is out now! It comes with a new combination of expanded organizations, patented technology, and enhanced intelligence to advance your computer operation even if it meets difficult performance barriers.

What’s New With System Mechanic 11?

  • Comes with the patented AcceleWrite which can optimize sensitive file transfers
  • Comes fully compatible with Windows 8 so it’s deal for the new Windows operating system
  • Better System Horsepower which can allow you for multiple startup optimization and resource boosting performance and advancements
  • Comes with an unlimited Home License which allow you to use it on all PCs in your home
  • Works an automated 229-point full service computer diagnostic examination
  • Improves your PC’s reliability and speed
  • Comes with dramatically improved effectiveness, speed, and results

If you want to enjoy all these benefits and more, you can buy your System Mechanic 11 today. Maximize your PC’s performance, speed, and reliability. Get your multiple home licenses with your single purchase of the System Mechanic 11.

Buy System Mechanic 11 today!

System Mechanic 9 Released


Hello Friends!

Have you heard of the exciting new features of System Mechanic 9.0? Its almost unbelievable iolo technologies Lab Researchers have covered all you need to ensure your computer performs at its peak!

Read on and discover how your computer can be your best friend again.

Just when you thought that your PC is too old, think again!

Computers  like cars if not regularly maintained develop problems internally resulting to poor performance and even damage.

System Mechanic 9.0 ensures your Computer is Well Maintained.

Special features that include Speeding up your PC, Cleaning up Your PC, Fixing Your PC and Ensuring your Privacy. What more would you need? How does System Mechanic achieve all this? Read on…..

1. Speed up your PC


– Cleans, defrags & repairs registry

– Accelerate PC startup 19 ways

– Defrags & recovers orphaned RAM

– Boosts internet speed

– Complete low-level drive defrag

– Turns off unused background programs

All these and more in just one click of a button!

System Mechanic 9.0 has been designed to battle the top 5 causes of PC slowdown as identified by iolo researchers, these causes are as follows:

1. Hidden startup programs
2.Registry errors and bloat
3.Memory leaks and fragmentation
4.Unoptimized Internet settings
5.Hard drive fragmentation

2. Clean up your PC


– Cleans over 50 different types of junk files

– Removes invalid installers and programs

– Wipes internet history, clutter and cache

– Regains thousands of megabytes of HD space

All these in 3 minutes!

Computers are prone to system-clogging due to build up of junk files over the course of time due to accumulation of unused programs and improper shutdowns.

iolo Lab researchers have identified the top 3 ways clutter degrades performance:

1.Critical indexes Windows maintains to organize its files become bloated with meaningless junk, causing overall sluggishness during file and program access.
2.Useless files are included when defragmenting your HDs, adding to the time and processing power required.
3.HD space is unnecessarily reserved, leading to premature upgrade costs or replacements.

The patent-pending ActiveCare® makes it all possible for your computer to be automatically clutter-free and running at its best.

3. Fix PC problems

overview_fixproblems_thumbThe clutter makes up 98% of the problems your PC is experiencing. This is  what System Mechanic does to fix your PC:

– Repairs and compacts registry

– Eliminates memory leaks

– Fixes random crashes and restarts

– Revives unstartable systems

– Repairs and prevents corrupted drives

– Fixes security vulnerabilities

– Automatically maintains PC health with patent-pending ActiveCare®

4. Ensure your privacy

overview_privacy_thumbWe’ve heard of  people getting their information hacked and organizations breaking down by just a mere exposure of their personal and confidential data.

System Mechanic’s improved PrivacyCleaner® tool, safely and securely wipes away files and log tracks and forwards it to the Incinerator®, a data shredding technology.

System Mechanic does the following to ensure your privacy:

– Employs multi-pass military-grade wiping to ensure complete removal of all deleted data.

– Defeats forensics recovery techniques

– Permanently and completely removes internet history and cache

– Integrates Incinerator® technology with Windows Recycle Bin for high security

– Cleans up after all major web browsers, online chat, and web toolbars

What more can you ask for from a complete and reliable PC repair software?

If you already own System Mechanic don’t miss out on the top notch new features:

1. PC Health Status Gadget
2. EnergyBooster™
3. Total Registry Revitalizer™
4. Incinerator®
5. Tune-up Definitions™

and Upgrade your previous versions to System Mechanic 9 here.

Read more about System Mechanic 9.0 here!

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your System Mechanic Guide

iolo: Fastest Growing Company of 2009


Hello Friend,

Softwarecasa are proud to be associated with iolo technologies which was hailed as the fastest-growing U.S. Company of 2009 during the prestigious 7th Annual American Business Awards.  iolo are the proud makers of the best-selling and ever powerful software applications: System Mechanic, Drive Scrubber,   Search and Recover and many more…

Despite the economic turmoil, iolo survives and continues to deliver the best for its customers (22 million worldwide and growing).

BestPCtuneupiolo never fails to continue developing the best PC tune-up software in the world, asserting itself as the world’s leader in the said technology category. Consistent on being ranked as one of the fastest-growing companies in Southern California region for 10 years straight and on the Deloitte Fast 50 list of the fastest-growing companies from 2004 to 2007.

Your PC is NOT too old!

Windows gets slower from file fragments, registry errors, and sneaky new startup items. Softwarecasa has a limited special offer of $ 38.95  (recommended price $49.95) SAVE $ 11.00 on the top selling  iolo Product the new System Mechanic 9.0 which will make your PC run like new.

If you already own the previous versions you can upgrade to System Mechanic 9.0.

Don’t waste any more time, Fix and Speed Up Your PC automatically today!

Until Next Time 😉

Peter – Your System Mechanic Guide

System Mechanic 8.5 Vista 64bit

system_mec85_boxHello Friend,

A few months back, iolo released the latest version for System Mechanic, the System Mechanic 8.5. We were so thrilled when we heard the major improvement for the latest version.

Faster and More Powerful than Ever!

Well, here’s why, finally, it is now fully compatible with 64-bit computers including Windows Vista 64bit, paving the way, for it to be hailed as the first comprehensive tune-up product compatible with the said architecture in the market.

System Mechanic has always been known as the best-selling PC tune-up utility ever. Millions of users like me have been so glad for this good news and with the new and helpful features launched, performing repairs, fragmentation, cleaning and tuning has become so smooth and even faster.

System Mechanic Single License allows you to install on upto 3 PC’s!

The new features included in the latest version are as follows:

• ActiveCare® 2.0 – Now better and offers new options in giving you full control over how and when it runs. It does its own stuff silently in the background whenever your PC is on and not in use.

• Defragment and Compact Registry Tool – Performs comprehensive analysis of registry, detects performance-draining bloat, and displays wasted space graphically.

• DriveSense – It provides real-time data about the hard drives’ status even the temperature and more.

• New navigational links

• Inherits Windows Vista Aero theme for a nicer look

• TotalCare™ – tuning up speeds up with the automated Wizards that runs in one pass. Tasks includes: PC Repair Wizard, PC Accelerator Wizard, PC Cleanup Wizard, and PC Security Wizard.

• Additional Tools

– Complete Registry Repair and Optimization

– Netbooster®

– Advanced Disk Defrag

– Drive Medic

– System Customizer™


If you would find this interesting you may get your copy of System Mechanic today or if you already own it you may Upgrade to System Mechanic 8.5.

I am off to try out all the new features!

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your System Mechanic Guide