system_mec85_boxHello Friend,

A few months back, iolo released the latest version for System Mechanic, the System Mechanic 8.5. We were so thrilled when we heard the major improvement for the latest version.

Faster and More Powerful than Ever!

Well, here’s why, finally, it is now fully compatible with 64-bit computers including Windows Vista 64bit, paving the way, for it to be hailed as the first comprehensive tune-up product compatible with the said architecture in the market.

System Mechanic has always been known as the best-selling PC tune-up utility ever. Millions of users like me have been so glad for this good news and with the new and helpful features launched, performing repairs, fragmentation, cleaning and tuning has become so smooth and even faster.

System Mechanic Single License allows you to install on upto 3 PC’s!

The new features included in the latest version are as follows:

• ActiveCare® 2.0 – Now better and offers new options in giving you full control over how and when it runs. It does its own stuff silently in the background whenever your PC is on and not in use.

• Defragment and Compact Registry Tool – Performs comprehensive analysis of registry, detects performance-draining bloat, and displays wasted space graphically.

• DriveSense – It provides real-time data about the hard drives’ status even the temperature and more.

• New navigational links

• Inherits Windows Vista Aero theme for a nicer look

• TotalCare™ – tuning up speeds up with the automated Wizards that runs in one pass. Tasks includes: PC Repair Wizard, PC Accelerator Wizard, PC Cleanup Wizard, and PC Security Wizard.

• Additional Tools

– Complete Registry Repair and Optimization

– Netbooster®

– Advanced Disk Defrag

– Drive Medic

– System Customizer™


If you would find this interesting you may get your copy of System Mechanic today or if you already own it you may Upgrade to System Mechanic 8.5.

I am off to try out all the new features!

Until next time 😉

Peter – Your System Mechanic Guide